The East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) is a regional tasking structure which has, for more than a decade now, made effective use of expertise and resources from within the East Midlands police forces to investigate many of the most serious crimes which affect our region.

Officers and staff can be assigned to EMSOU for a period of time during their careers, or may be called upon an ad hoc basis to investigate certain crimes.

EMSOU is not separate from the five forces, it is an amalgamation of certain key resources provided by the forces to be deployed throughout the region as and when there is an investigative need.

There are five main branches of EMSOU’s work:

  • Serious and Organised Crime (EMSOU-SOC)
  • Major Crime (EMSOU-MC)
  • Special Branch (EMSOU-SB)
  • Forensic Services (EMSOU-FS)
  • Regional Review Unit (RRU)

EMSOU is led by the Deputy Chief Constable for the East Midlands, Peter Goodman QPM.


Serious Organised Crime (EMSOU-SOC)

EMSOU-SOC tackling organised crime groups involved in drugs supply, supply of firearms, cyber crime, armed robbery and money laundering across all five force areas.

Officers use a combination of covert and overt tactics to gather evidence, make arrests and cause significant disruption to serious criminal activity in the East Midlands, and sometimes beyond.

Click here for details of recent EMSOU-SOC operations

With EMSOU-SOC are a number of specialist teams, including:

Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU) – which obtains, analyses and communicates intelligence about criminal activity in the region.

Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) – which works with partner agencies to investigate the activity of criminals engaged in money laundering and fraud, identifying assets owned by those criminals which can be confiscated under legislation such as the Proceeds of Crime Act

Fraud and Financial Investigation (FFI) – which deals with protracted and complex frauds, including public sector corruption.  FFI uses specialist investigators who have the skills and technology to trace criminals through their financial transactions.

ACPO Cyber Crime Unit (East Midlands) – which tackles those responsible for the most serious incidents of:

  • Computer intrusion
  • Distribution of malicious code
  • Denial of service attack
  • Internet-enabled fraud


Major Crime (EMSOU-MC)

EMSOU-MC investigates homicides and kidnap with demands and extortion, and other serious cases, as well as managing issues of threat, risk and harm in all five force areas.

It is centrally managed and tasked and has three geographically-aligned command structures:

  • Northern – Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
  • Eastern – Lincolnshire
  • Southern – Leicestershire and Northamptonshire

EMSOU-MC can call on the services of detectives and support staff from across the East Midlands to assist in major crime inquiries wherever they occur throughout the region.

By having that flexibility, it helps to ensure that no one area is overburdened by major investigations, allowing local CID teams and other units to focus on volume crimes such as burglary, robbery and vehicle crime.

Among the cases EMSOU-MC has investigated in recent times have been the deaths of six children in a house fire in Derby in May 2012 and gang-related deaths in our cities.


Forensic Services (EMSOU-FS) 

All East Midlands forces now deliver forensic services collaboratively.

During 2014, EMSOU-FS will invest in new facilities and state-of-the-art technology, as well as adopt best practice taken from across the region, to enhance the process of identifying evidence submitted by detectives for analysis.


Special Branch (EMSOU-SB)

As well as crime, collaboration also has a structure for dealing the threat of terrorism and domestic extremism.

EMSOU-SB is constituted from a collaboration of the East Midlands Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit and the five force Special Branches.

The EMSOU-SB is one of the first such collaborations in this specialist field of work in the country and is considered to be developing best practice.

Working with the Security Service and other key strategic partners, EMSOU-SB plays a key role in reducing the risk to the region from acts of terror and extremism so that people can go about their lives freely and with confidence.


Regional Review Unit (RRU)

The Regional Review Unit independently reviews on behalf of all five forces undetected major crime investigations, as well as procedure and practice of critical incidents and missing persons inquiries, as well as analysing acquittals at court and successful appeals against conviction.